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Love is Love regardless of skin color

Jamie and Nikki with their daughter
Written by beautyikon

Wow, this couple is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful and their children are so precious! What a lucky guy, his wife looks like a beautiful ebony doll and her skin and colour are to die for, lots of luck to this amazing couple! They Jamie and Nikki!! Their Facebook page is

Nothing wrong with promoting love and also more interracial marriages mean less racism which is kind of a good thing. Love is love regardless of skin colour. Here is the perfect example of this married couple with their beautiful daughters.

Love is nothing to do with the colour, race or origin. It’s what you feel, your choice, what you believe, the future you want to set for you and your partner. For people who seemed to be bothered by it, it means they haven’t found their true love yet and hope they will. The real one thou.


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