Latest Trends In Different Types Of Jewellery

Different Types Of Jewellery
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Before we start to say something let’s talk about trend…what is TREND…….???? Let us tell you guys trend is something general developing or you can say changing, the trend is the change which indicates points to move in some certain direction at a certain point in time. On the other hand, a trend is also referred to a certain style of fashion or entertainment. And when we talk about style or fashion then we think the first thing comes to our mind is clothes or jewellery.

Today, here we are going to talk about the increasing trend of jewellery. Now, what kind of trends in different jewellery?

  1. Necklaces– Those days when women wore small and simple necklace are gone. Because now women find them boring and less attractive. Now Women wants something which describes their personality. Something which is very eye catchy. This type of heavy necklace can not only be worn on Indian wears but you can also wear them with your party wear dresses…
  2. Rings– Rings are for every occasion. we don’t think there is a single woman in this entire world who have never tried ring in her life. Rings can be of different types and shapes. Even men can also wear rings.. but there is a slight difference between men’s ring and women’s ring. One can wear rings according to their personality also. The ring is something which is always in trend.
  3. Hath Phool– It’s a fine piece of jewellery which is also a part of Indian tradition and also Indian wedding. It’s is known by many names like hath panja, hand chain, hath kamal etc. Nowadays girls like to wear them with the western dresses too.. and it looks cool also.
  4. Bracelets– we must say this accessory is very important for every girl who loves the styling. Bracelets can be the icings on your dress if say dress as a cake. Bracelets can be worn by every women or girl without doing overdone. And yesss….!!!! They are in trend too. If you are a college going girl then you should have these bracelets in your wardrobe.
  5. Hoop earringsHoop earrings are very trendy and fashionable. Now a day’s girls wear two hoops in one ear instead of wearing one. It looks very glamour’s and also gives a dramatic look to your personality. You can also say this is a classic accessory but it is also the trendy one now..!!!!!

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