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Learning How To Learn

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Learning is an ongoing process, and it never stops in your life. Learning should always be continuous irrespective of your age or class. It is because the more you learn, the more you improve your life. Learning is the key to success, and constant learning will benefit you in the long term.

Accelerated learning is the most advanced teaching and learning method used today. Accelerated learning is all about speed and faster learning procedure. This is the latest form of learning where learning is extremely rapid in nature. It is completely based on the total system of enhancing and developing your capabilities.

There are five different stages of accelerated learning which are described below –

  1. Prep to Learn – the first and foremost step is to prepare yourself to learn. Here you need to have a strong head and strong reasoning as to why you want to learn the task which you are doing. Also, make sure that you sit straight so that you can concentrate fully on your task. Also, try to isolate yourself from external and negative influences and also sit in an isolated room so that your learning could be enhanced.
  2. Whole Brain Process – Do you know that your brain has different parts and it plays a larger role in learning and remembering things? Left part of your brain is known for remembering words, symbols, and languages whereas right part of your brain is known as the creative side. It remembers symbols, images, melodies and likewise. You also have a limbic system of your brain which is known as the emotional center of your brain.
  3. Brain Waves – Do you know that there are different types of brain waves? Beta, alpha, theta, and delta are some of the major brain waves. When you are fully awake, and almost most of the time your brain is in beta state. But your pick learning level is when your brain is in alpha state. The wavelength of beta is higher than alpha, but alpha is a relaxed state of mind. You can achieve alpha by closing your eyes, meditating, relaxing and likewise.
  4. Learning with music – It is scientifically proven that if you start learning along with music, then your learning is highly enhanced. But we are not talking about the general music. Music like instrumental one is pivotal to learning. It helps you to concentrate better, and thus your learning is highly improved. Music also helps your mind to refresh and remove all the unwanted negative thoughts from your mind.
  5. Breaks – Breaks are very important as your mind also need constant rest to survive. Keep taking regular breaks as this will keep your mind and body activated. Also, this will freshen up your mind, and you will awaken with a new zeal to learn, and thus your accelerated learning will really speed up.

breaktimeSo, above given are various stages of accelerated learning. They help immensely in faster and longer learning and thus will go a long way in improving your thought process.

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