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8 Weight-Loss Friendly Nuts eat in daily routine

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Nuts are an excellent snack option and they should be a part of your everyday life. Our parents have probably told us a million times to eat nuts daily but we often fail to listen. If you’ve missed out on eating nuts in your day-to-day diet, it isn’t too late to start now. It’s always good to eat at least one type of dried fruit with your meals. It can also be a good snack option or your first solid food in the morning because they provide the body with a whole lot of vitamins, protein, healthy fat, minerals, and micronutrients. There’s no reason why you should skip nuts. When you are looking to shed weight, it is essential to add nuts to your diet. You can make wonderful salads, just snack on them or make some healthy protein bar to carry with you as a post workout treat. Since we are talking about fitness, here are 8 incredible nuts that will help your weight loss process.

1. Walnuts: This “brain nut” is packed with omega-3 fatty acids. For those of you who do not eat fish or salmon or want to avoid taking supplements, here’s your golden nut. Vegans and vegetarians get their source of omega 3-fatty acids from walnuts! It also contains protein, vitamin E, and helps your heart stay away from bad cholesterol. When you are internally healthy, there’s nothing that can stop you from losing weight. Walnuts are great addition to salads. Start eating them right away post workout or when you feel like munching on unhealthy snacks during the day.

2. Almonds: When you consume almonds every morning, you are helping your body. Studies have shown that they may aid weight loss and help in lowering blood pressure problems in obese people. They aren’t just good for your skin and brain, they play a vital role for your internal system too. Since they have protein, fiber, magnesium and vitamin E, they provide loads of nutrients. They also keep your stomach functioning all fine which means you will not have bloating issue either.

3. Pistachio: A commonly consumed nut that’s high in fiber, we are talking about pistachios. Around 20 grams of pista, has 150 calories which is necessary for the body. It contains fat, carbs and all the vitamins your system requires. Since they are known to reduce blood sugar post meals, they can be great life savers for those with diabetes struggling to shed weight. Add them as a morning snack with tea or simple munch on them through the day for shedding some Kilogram.

4. Cashew: One of the absolute favorite nut for a majority of Indians out there, it has gained notoriety as a nut that leads to weight gain. Excessive eating without portion control can lead to weight gain with any food, not just cashews. There’s a wrong notion that eating too many cashews will make you fat. No, it will not! I’ve been following a diet filled with nuts and I have only lost weight. I love munching on cashews but just be careful you don’t over eat. This goes for all the nuts or generally any food item. Cashews are the best to improve your metabolism which leads to weight loss. So, stop thinking too much and have them through your day. When you make a cashew paste and cook it with oil or butter, that’s when it isn’t too good to eat. Just on its own, it is great!

5. Peanuts: Another favorite nut for people all across India. We heavily consume peanuts on a regular basis. They are a part of our recipes, breakfast and also a good snack with some drinks. Raw peanuts when roasted in a pan without any oil or butter are excellent tea snacks. Do not buy packaged peanuts which are already salted. Unsalted peanuts have contain high amounts of fiber and vitamin E. Unsalted, roasted-at-home peanuts with their peels on are the best ones to munch on.

6. Brazil nuts: These delicious nuts have tons of antioxidants in them. They will improve your internal system in no time and make you healthy. It is said that they help your body in recovering quickly from any ailment, which is why they are great post a long day of work out. They are also known to improve the function of blood vessels in obese teenagers and can help them shed weight faster.

7. Pecans: Pecans in brownies are enjoyable to every level. But when consumed on their own, they are tasty and amazing for your body. Researchers suggest that having pecans as a snack can help you stay fuller for a longer time. This means you snack less through the day and avoid unwanted foods. Pecans work wonderful as topping in many foods like salads, zucchini pasta and healthy dark chocolate sweets. They are high in calories but definitely better than many other foods.

8. Pine nuts: They might be expensive but there’s a reason for that. Pine nuts are not found in many houses which could be because of their cost or simply that we aren’t aware how beneficial it is for our body. When taken in moderation, they are said to work as appetite suppressants. Do I need to say more? For those who cannot give up unhealthy snacking habits, start eating pine nuts and see the results.

Other than these 8 nuts, I’d like to give honorable mention to pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Just add all of these 10 nuts together in a bottle and snack on it when hungry.

You will notice a positive change in your body, skin, hair and weight in a month!

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