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Foods you should be avoid at time of dehydration in summers

dehydration in summer
Written by Anna Nirmal

What mean by Dehydration

Dehydration occurs when the water level of your body plunges below what is required to it create the imbalance in an equilibrium of minerals present in the body fluids. Our body requires hydrated at all time because 80% of it’s made up of water which is essential to give life to the cells of the body.

The summer heat can be quite distressing the sun become unbearable in some part of the India where the temperature can be as high as 40 degrees and even more sometimes. One of them main problem people are suffering from dehydration.

Dehydration can be more retention, swelling cause damage to your kidneys and even affects your liver. As I recommend that you should add the following fruits and vegetables to your daily diet to remain hydrated all the times and avoid dehydration in summer.


Cucumber: – Cucumber is extraordinary for keeping you hydrated as it has high water content and can likewise extinguish your thirst. You could keep few cuts absorbed water and make your own detox drink.


Tomatoes: – This cooling serving of mixed greens most loved is 93% water. Tossed some delicious, red cuts in your serving of mixed greens or simply have them crude with a sprinkling of pepper and ocean salt.

Water melon

Watermelon: – This is one of the best super foods for summer seasons and it is likewise extremely delightful. You can begin your day with a couple of cuts of watermelon that can prop you up during that time or have them between dinners as a solid.  Avoid having anything along with watermelons.

musk melon

 Musk Melon: – Another great summer melon, musk melons are sweet and reviving. You can appreciate few cuts crude, sprinkle some over your breakfast grain or even mix them into a speedy shake with drain or yoghurt. Musk melons are likewise rich in potassium thus can help in directing your pulse.

images of oranges

Oranges: – Orange is a flawless citrus natural product rich in Vitamin C that aides in building your invulnerability. A glass of orange with a squeeze of shake salt can reestablish the adjust of electrolytes in your body and recharge the lost minerals.


Grapes: – Grapes are really berries that are additionally useful for your heart. Remain hydrated by eating on grapes, having them with yoghurt for a treat or tossing them over your breakfast oat. The skin of grapes is known to contain an effective cell reinforcement that may ensure your heart.


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