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7 simple instruments used for Nail Art Dotting’s

Different nail art
Written by Anna Nirmal

Many a time’s different visiting fancy nail art parlor is just not feasible. Good news is that you can now create your own nail art with dotting instruments that are easy and far from expensive. If you are too fashionable freak this articles really helpful to you and you will definitely say fantastic just check out the following 7 simple nail art dotting tools for creating nail art design at home

Simples 7 Different Instrument used for Nail Art Dotting’s is


Hair pins: – All lovely ladies you got me right I am talking about only black pins that you find in your daily usages.  This hair pins can help you to do attractive nail art dotting designs easily. Dip one end of the hair pin in your favorite nail color and get cleans dots in proper manner.

Paint brush

Paint Brush: – Paint brush can be used to make larger dots you can use make up brushes also to get clean large dots on your nails according to your requirement.

Ball pen

Ball pen: – Ball pen make one of the best nail art dotting tools that can offer numerable clean small dots very easily. However make sure that you use an empty pen to get a cleaner looks. Through ball pen you can design according to your choice it’s not necessary only dots and all you can do you do lovely design of heart, leaf etc. according to your choice in nail.

Match stick

Match stick: – Match stick from an interesting nail art dotting tools that offer two sized rounded dots the second side show like small square dots.  You can use both ends of match sticks to get desired dots. The black side gives rounded dots while the plan sides produces a square dots that looks really unique.





Pencil: – A honed pencil is a multipurpose instrument for making distinctive nail craftsmanship spotting outlines. You can keep the tip pointed or you can keep it round and limit. The pointed tip gives little specks while the adjusted tips make medium estimated dots, and the limit tip gives greater spots.

Tooth pick

Tooth pick: – Toothpicks are a diamond in the rundown of home instruments for making nail workmanship. Both the closures can be utilized to make spot designs. The sharper edge gives little specks that can be lined around to get an expert nail workmanship outline. You can likewise make diverse examples like botanical spots, parallel plans and a great deal more with accuracy, utilizing the sharper edge of a toothpick.


Earing: – Your ear is hearing some different right. I say utilize an earring to create a dotting art with different design. Small fancy earrings have a pointed end that can be used to get clean dots on nails. There are various earring having different shapes like round, ovals, pearls that are very small. Those small and rounded earrings can also be utilized to make uncommon nail workmanship outlines.



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