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Planning Another Pregnancy after C-Section – Things You Should Know

Planning Another Pregnancy after C-Section
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Pregnancy is undoubtedly a memorable time. Many women tend to miss those nine months journey to motherhood and would want to get pregnant again as soon as possible! However, there are a number of things you should take into consideration seriously prior planning the second bundle of joy.

The Time Gap

One of the most important things you should know about is the best time to plan for pregnancy after a C-section. Most doctors advise a substantial gap between two deliveries. The minimum waiting period is six months. However, as per a technical report by the World Health Organization, it is recommended that the mother should ideally have a gap of 24 months between two pregnancies post C-section to minimize the overall risk of adverse maternal, perinatal and infant outcomes. Additionally, it will give ample time for the wounds to heal.

Conceiving within six months after a C-section increases risk of uterine rupture especially in the case of vaginal birth after C-section. Also ample spacing ensures your time to bond with your baby.

The Importance of Time Gap – Why Is It Required?

A woman’s body takes a longer time to heal from a C-section as compared to from a vaginal birth. Here is why a gap is needed after the surgery:

Complications with First Pregnancy – In case, you have had complications in your earlier pregnancy, it is crucial to wait before planning the next one.

Reduce Chances of Complications – It is important to understand that a caesarean section is a major abdominal surgery. Every woman has a different body. Also the recovery time varies from one woman to the other. Hence, it is important that you give ample time for recovery to reduce the chances of any complications during your next delivery.

Body Must Recover – A woman’s body tends to lose a lot of nutrients while delivering through a C-section. Hence, it also needs ample amount of time to replenish them.

Health Risks – Getting pregnant soon after a C-section will make you prone to several health risks. Speak to your doctor prior to taking any decision.

Tough to Handle Pressure – Body needs extra care after a C-section. Also the infant needs care. Practically, it might be very difficult for you to take good care of yourself and simultaneously nurturing your infant.

Risks Associated With Getting Pregnant Soon After a C- Section

Here are some of the major risks and complications you may face if you get pregnant soon after a C-section:

Placenta Previa –This condition occurs when the placenta attaches itself to the lower uterine wall covering the cervix partially or completely. It may lead to vaginal bleeding during or after delivery. A previous C-section may lead to placenta previa in the following pregnancy. Hence, keeping and good amount of gap and allowing the body to heal completely is very important.

Placental Abruption – The condition is related to a low lying placenta. Placental abruption is also related to a complete detachment of the placenta from the womb. This may be a very serious complication.

Increased Risk of Uterine Rupture – Mother is at great risk of developing uterine rupture in case of VBAC (vaginal birth after a C-section). This is very common where the gap between two pregnancies is too less. Uterine rupture is actually tearing of previous C-section scar. The risk is also higher in overweight women with a previous C-section. They may suffer from uterine rupture.

Premature Birth – Maintaining a gap of less than six months is dangerous as it can lead to premature birth. Under such situations, the deliveries usually occur before 36-37 weeks. The doctor will predict the date after assessing pregnancy week by week symptoms. Premature birth causes serious complications to the health of the mother and newborn baby.

Low Birth Weight – Women who become pregnant before the recommended time after a C-section may deliver babies with low birth weight. The baby may weigh less than 2.5kg, which results in health complications and immunity issues later on.

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