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8 Unusual beauty hacks that actually work

8 Unusual beauty hacks that actually work
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1. Baby powder eyelashes: Forget clumpy eye-liner and the annoying glue of false eyelashes. Baby powder is the new path to longer, fuller lashes. Just a dab between two coats of mascara, and you’ve got thicker lashes than a pair of falsies.

2.Wing it out: We have all battled with shaky and blurred lines in vintage winged eye-liner land, but now the modern era credit cards have come to our rescue. Angle the card at the end of your lash line and follow it with your pen liner for a perfect wing.

3.Burn for black: Get a gel liner from a regular kajal pencil. Heat your regular pencil to slightly melt it darker and more gel-like. Just let it cool a little before you apply it.

4.Give me red: Blot your matte lipstick with a tissue, and brush with a dry powder to keep it lasting longer. Swaipe on another coat of lipstick.

5.Top coat hack: Seal the edge of your nail, after your second coat, by bringing the brush over the tip from left to right to make your manicure last longer than just two days.

6.Plump it up: A drop of peppermint oil in your lip gloss does a great job as a lip plumper.

7.Baking soda shine: For shinier teeth, mix a few teaspoons in a little lemon juice and brush for about 2 minutes. Greasy roots can easily be fixed with some baking soda—when rubbed into your hair, the soda works like a dry shampoo and absorbs all the oil.

8. White nail polish for more pop: To make bright polish brighter, use a white polish as a base-coat to make your polish pop.

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