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7 Ayurvedic solution for oily skin

Oily Skin
Written by Anna Nirmal

Hi Girls, Are you suffering from oily skin?  It’s now summer already about it depends upon you. The most common amongst these are oily hair and skin problems here will discuss some easy and ayurvedic remedies for oily skin the ingredients is so common which are already lying at your kitchen.

These I going to discuss am so easy and not time-consuming for all busy schedules person.

images of oranges

  • Orange: – Orange concentrate has high levels of Vitamin C that are very good for the skin. Take half orange into a bowl and apply it on your face with the help of cotton ball now keep it for the half an hour and wash your face with cold water.


  • Milk: – First thing is that you should take a glass of milk daily in the morning which is helpful for both glowing skin and oily. The simple restoration properties of milk to take care of your oily skin problems. Simply soak a cotton ball in milk and wipe your face with it twice a day at least once before you go to sleep. If you feel you need a little extra cleansing add few drops of lemons concentrate to the massage with help of cotton ball.




  • Honey: – Honey organic products which treat is meant specifically for the hair with the honey add two egg yolks. Add some lukewarm water and mix it. Apply this paste directly on your face and leave it for a couple of hours and wash it first with cold water and then again with some ayurvedic face wash.


Turmeric and Sandlewood


  • Turmeric and sandalwood: – First take some turmeric and sandalwood do the paste of both and some amount of water. Now apply this paste on your face and head and wait for some minutes till it dry and wash it with the cool water.



Aloe Vera


  • Aloe Vera: – Now it is made important for all the person and useful to simply to grow Aloe at home and since this plant can cure nearly any dermatology related issue. Aloe leaves and gel are easily available at supermarkets. Aloe works as anti-inflammatory agents now cut the green parts from Aloe Vera and keep transparent gel-like substance aside in a bowl mash the gel with your finger as best as you can. Then apply this on your face and hair and keep it about 20 minutes till does not become dry. Then wash off you will get a really good result.



  • Water: – Take some warm water to make it lukewarm with a swab of cotton wipe your face well. This will remove all the dirt from the pores of your face. Then take an ice out from freeze and rub it all over your face for some minutes. Do this for some days or few weeks automatically you will see the result.


  • Neem: – Keep neem leaves in water and allow them for 30 minutes you can apply this not only on your face but the whole body.  Now it does not require again washing off if you feel too strong on your skin wipe away with lukewarm water. One of the best Ayurvedic tips for oily skin.


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