Passion Indulge Face Mudd Pearl Light Review

Beautyikon - Passion Indulge Face Mudd Review & Price
Written by Shital Jethva

Hello Lovelies, Yesterday I just saw my face in mirror after reaching to home from the work and what I saw and I just said… omg… my face was so dull…and that time I have just cleaned my face with my current favourite face wash and that’s Lotus Herbals YouthRx Active Anti Ageing Foaming Gel.

After then I decided to apply some face pack. I had to choose from Lotus White Glow Masque and Passion Indulge Face Mudd and immediately I chose and applied Passion Indulge Face Mudd Pearl Light on my face. And after 30 minutes I washed my face and I must say it is really really superb. it worked like magic. So girls give a try this amazingly face pack.

Passion Indulge Face Mudd

What I like about this Passion Indulge Face Mudd:-

  • It brightens up my dull and tired skin
  • I love its attractive and cute packaging
  • It is slightly thick in texture yet easy to apply and take off
  • My skin really got brighter
  • Available online and local beauty store
  • Skin looks and feels smooth and soft

Passion Indulge Face Mudd Pearl White


I got this for 250 INR (100g + 20g) from local beauty store.

Will I repurchase this:-

of course yes 🙂


5 out of 5

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