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These 9 Tricks will help to add volume to your hair

give volume to your hair
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Every girl dreams of having thick and voluminous hair. But even if your locks aren’t naturally lush, there’s no need to despair: you can achieve the desired results with the help of some ordinary, everyday items (plus a couple of cunning tricks).

1. Proceed to brushing only after your hair is completely dry.

To ensure your hair is not injured in the process of drying, use your fingers instead of the usual brush. Dry each strand in turn, lifting it at the roots — this will allow you to create volume. When your hair is sufficiently dry, you can finish styling using a large round brush.

2. To add volume to your ponytail, use an ordinary hairpin.

To begin, gather your hair into a regular ponytail. Then separate one upper strand (approximately a quarter of the overall amount of hair) from the ponytail, and secure it with a hairpin. Lower the strand back into place so that it conceals the hairpin. This simple trick is certain to double your ponytail’s volume.

3. Another easy way to make your ponytail look impressive.

Looking for more ways of making your ponytail appear voluminous? Here is another helpful trick: instead of fastening all of your strands together with a scrunchie, divide the ponytail into two strands and secure each one with a covered elastic band.

4. A time-saving way of increasing your hair’s volume.

If you have no time for proper styling, use the following technique to add volume to your locks: after a bath, gather your damp hair into two bunches, having sprinkled them with hair spray. Dry the bunches with a blow dryer, allow them to cool, then let your hair loose.

5. Dry shampoos can give great results as well.

Apply shampoo at the roots of your hair. Separate one small strand, and wet it at the roots. Then let it go, and take hold of the next strand. Once the shampoo is well absorbed, fix the volume by backcombing strands at the roots. For a longer lasting result, secure everything with hair spray.

6. Pulling strands out of a braid gives a volume effect.

After you have created your braid, try pulling strands out of it starting from the bottom upward (from the tip of your braid to its root). Voluminous braids are more likely to unravel than tight ones, so fix everything with hair spray.

7. To add thickness to your hair, dry it again after styling.

When you have finished styling your hair, don’t hesitate to dry it with the blow dryer once again. Put your head down, and dry each strand in turn for a couple of minutes. This’ll allow you to fix the results and achieve extra volume.

8. Don’t be afraid to change — experiment with your hair!

A hair parting may seem like a minor detail, but it forms an important element of your image. Changing your parting is always easier with wet hair. After washing, use your fingers to create a new parting, then blow dry your hair. If you’re used to wearing a middle parting, try putting your hair to one side.

9. If there is no time for styling, use hair volume spray.

When you have no time to wash, dry, and style your hair, simply apply spray or styling foam to dry roots, tousle your hair with your fingers, and do a backcomb. This will bring the desired results quickly and effectively!


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