How to improve your eyebrows that its looks incredible

Written by Anna Nirmal

Different ways to improve your eyebrow

It finds out that root because you can use simple many ingredients from the kitchen that helps you to thicken your eyebrows and enhance their growth. Which woman does not feel that she should have a think and full eyebrow?

What you need to do it

  • Take a fresh lemon and use it directly to apply to eyebrows.
  • You should sure about that you massage the juice in circular motions to allow proper blood circulation in that area.
  • Allow lemon juice to seep into your pores for around 30 minutes the lemon which help into the hair follicles and strength them.
  • Wash your face with hot water and then use a mild soap if required.
  • Sure that there is no part remaining near your eyebrow because the acid in lemon juice might irritate the skin.

All know that lemon is one of the beneficial ingredients to keep hair problems. The lemons contain full Vitamin C a compound called limonene and folic acid of which help in nourishing, strengthening and promoting healthy hair growth.

There are many other kitchen ingredients that can help you get thick nice eyebrows

Onion Juice: – Onion Juice another simple ingredient that is invariably available in every house. However, onion juice is an excellent source of sulfur. You will be so much wondering here and there why sulfur what is needs the sulfur only make your eyebrow strong.

Which way to apply on your eyebrow

  • First, take a small onion
  • Now make juice of that small onion
  • Apply generously all over your eyebrows and massage well.
  • Now keep this for 30 minutes
  • Wash with lukewarm water and mild shop that consists of natural fragrance to avoid smelling like an onion for the rest of the day.

Aloe Vera Gel: – Aloe Vera the most important thing for all the human life. Aloe Vera is another super like ingredient that must have skin and hair natural product.  It does a million things for you. Aloe Vera has a long history of medical uses and human being life. The leaves are full of water gel and other beneficial components that treat minor bruises and help in cosmetic enhancement.

  • Carefully extract juice from the leaves by cutting off with a sharp Knife.

Which way to apply on your eyebrow

  • Separate the juice from the leaves by removing the edges with a sharp blade.
  • Add coconut oil to help dampness remainder of the mixture.
  • Now does massage on the eyebrows doing this relieves the skin if there is any aggravation on consuming sensation post a plucking sessions.
  • Now wash this after 15 -20 minutes and gesture of congratulation dry zone.

So why waiting do any of these remedies and make your eyebrow thick.



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