L’oreal Super Liner Mat-Matic Eyeliner Review, Ultra Black Automatic Eyeliner

Written by Shital Jethva

Hello Super lovelies, Recently i got so many gift from my sis. She got many L’oreal beauty products for me from London. Today i am going to show my new favorite, L’oreal eyeliner from that gift bag. I will also review other products from the gift big afterwards.

L’oreal Super Liner Mat-Matic Eyeliner Review (Superliner Mat Matic Automatic pen eyeliner)

What i first like about this beauty is that its amazingly Waterproof and has Intense Black pigmentation. And this super eyeliner also known as Automatic Eyeliner đŸ™‚

L'oreal Super Liner Mat-Matic Eyeliner Review (Superliner Mat Matic Automatic pen eyeliner)

L'oreal Super Liner Mat-Matic Eyeliner

L'oreal Ultra Black Automatic Eyeliner

Its Quick, precise and easy application combined with intense matte color pay off for just a stroke of audacity. L’OrĂ©al Paris Super Liner mat-matic is an automatic crayon with precision tip for easy application. This automatic, waterproof eyeliner offers supreme precision in an effortless stroke, for a look that is simply sophisticated. It has ultimate perfection, dressed in a velvet matte finish. Super Liner Mat-Matic features carbon technology for a long-wearing intensely matte finish. The Charcoal technology composed of extra matte pigments with velvet powder creates a deep matte finish.

What product claims
– 24H wear
– Smudge proof
– Matte finish

I just love this, and it’s soft enough for me to use it to tight line my eyes.

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