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How fat accumulates in your belly?

How fat accumulates in your belly
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Carbohydrate, protein and fat rich foods serve as a accelerator to produce energy to execute various functions. The excess of this is stored as fat in the fat cells of our body.

With fat foods, the fat cells run out of space and then get stored within muscle linings. They are primarily have in the waist, hips and chest area and when there is no more space in the cells, it starts accumulating in the muscle linings leading to a flab.

To lose additional and extra fat from the problem area like belly, is the biggest problem for many of us. We have already have that already so now what do we do about this belly fat?

Besides exercising well, we also need to have a proper diet that includes food to reduce our belly fat. Our diet and exercise combo should be such that we can burn more and more calories than we consume. Teenagers are lovers for fast and fatty foods. But if you are really serious to reduce the embarrassing waistline, then you need to give up on those high-calorie tasty foods.It is time to look up some of the foods that burn belly fat.

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