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Some Tips related to prickly skin and troublesome heat for pregnant ladies in summer

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The pregnant ladies highly worried about her skin. The hot summer days are here and worried about getting those prickly skin rashes again? If you are pregnant prickly heat is somewhat common time skin problems that it caused due to some food eating and oil etc. During pregnancy the skin of mother becomes extremely sensitive due to the changes level of hormones in the body so this way chances of prickly skin heat rashes increases.

It’s not necessary that all the ladies will get prickly during the pregnant time but due to the heat prickly heat rashes are irritating and this cause lots of discomforts. which gives you some best tips that expecting mothers can take during the summer by taking without guidance of gynaecologist and medicine. Here some precaution is mentioned which are totally natural and safe to follow during this period.

Precaution for pregnant ladies

Wear baggy Cotton clothes: – As the summer comes the temperature rise in your area is good to change a pattern of the clothes. Instead of wearing fitting clothes is good option to wear baggy cotton clothes.  Baggy cotton clothes are helpful and more comfortable they also let air pass through, which helps in keeping dry skin. It’s good to wear cotton clothes not only in summer but it’s good to wear in regular time and say bye bye to synthetic garments because cotton cloths are light in weight also.

Cotton clothes are the best in summer heat and to reduce the problem of sweat because it absorbs sweat and air can pass through easily. Cotton is good for the skin also and it does not contain any irritation.

Change your clothes frequently:-

Wearing baggy cotton garments can positively be a standout amongst the best safeguards from prickly itch amid summer yet in the event that the temperature and moistness in your general humidity is too high then you may sweat and get absorbed even baggy cotton garments. When your garments end up noticeably moist, roll out it an indicate improvement them. This will ensure that your skin remains dry reduces the possibility of an appearance of warmth rashes.

Take bath twice a day: – Bathing is a natural process to get cool your body. Bathing frequently can most helpful not only to get rid to the excess sweat but also reduce your body temperature and you feel fresh. You can add salt, essential oil so that you will more comfort and good result.  These ingredients will enhance the cooling and calming effect of water and will help in keeping skin healthy.

Eat a food cooling diet: – Your eating routine significantly affects the measure of warmth created by your body. Along these lines, pick your nourishment carefully and settle on the things that are known for cooling the body from inside. Vegetables like Bottle gourd, radish and natural products like watermelon, cucumber, Kiwi and pineapple can be most useful to lessen body heat altogether amid summer.

Curd, Cold milk, buttermilk and milkshakes are alternate things that you should significant amount into noteworthy sum in your eating routine when the temperature begins to take off. Likewise, depending on natural product squeezes and keep in mind to drink adequate measure of water at continuous interval to remain cool from inside.

While incorporating the above things in your day by day eating routine can be useful to control body warm and avoid prickly heat rash breakout, you likewise need to dispose of the sustenance’s that are known for creating more warmth in the body to ensure that you remain cool from inside. You ought to avoid meat, ginger, garlic and different sustenance’s that are identified with expanding body temperature.

There are some ways which you should during pregnancy at home like sandalwood pack,  Mint leaves, Aloe Vera etc. much more.



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