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Don’t Say “Yes” to A Relationship if He Lacks These 5 Essential Traits by IMBB

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Hey girls.!! I had read a book, and it mentioned that, “You should never hurry to get involved with any guy because of the fact that it takes 90 days for a guy’s real personality to emerge.” Before that, whatever you are feeling or he is showing is all made up. And obviously, you cannot fall for someone just like that. Looks, financial status are secondary for girls who are really willing to be in a serious, loyal and long-lasting relationship. So these five traits are the most important for any guy to have before you get involved with him seriously. You need to check these!

1. He Should be Responsible with Money

Money matters are really important, and we all know how much responsible guys attract us. How a guy handles cash reveals a lot about his personality and character. This is the most discussed topic in long term relationships. A man who would not keep track of his money shows lack of patience and self control, in fact a survey proved that men who are irresponsible with money tend to cheat their partner the most. Now you know how important is this point, girls? Also girls, who would like to engage in a long term relationship with a guy who keeps no record of his money and is always messed up!

2. He Needs to be Open to Changes

If a person wants to grow with you gracefully, he needs to be the one who is open to changes especially the changes for you. You cannot ever change a man forcefully, but he needs to have the will to change for you and for your relationship’s betterment. If he wants to change for you, this means that he cares about you, about what you feel and what you want. This is an important trait that a guy should have before you fall for him because if he truly loves you, that needs to reflect in his behaviour too.

3. He Should Not Have A Mysterious Personality

The start of any relationship is beautiful and none of the two reveal their actual personalities which is common and not a big issue. But after around 6 months with your guy, if you still find that he is a little mysterious and is hiding things from you, you need to talk to him seriously. Not that he should share and let you know every little things and take you to all his meetings. Your relationship needs to have some mystery and spice to it; that is actually a good and healthy thing, otherwise your relationship would turn boring and no girl would love to be with a boring guy. But there needs to be a line.

4. A Bright and Positive Outlook

A man’s level of optimism decides the staying power of your relationship, and this is a well known fact. So do not ever miss this quality in your guy if you want to be with him life long. When you get involved with a guy, he becomes the most important person and priority in your life and you share and ask for suggestions in whatever fields you are messed up with. In such a situation it is your guy who has to be positive and give you the right suggestions. He should encourage you to do the right things as his encouragement would mean a lot to you and provide great support. Guys with positive outlook and cheerful nature are good at keeping things in perspective. Who would not want to have a guy who can make you laugh at your worst! Don’t Say Yes to A Relationship if He Lacks These 5 Essential Traits1

5. He Should Know Exactly What He Wants

Any guy you are involved with should be very clear about his future goals, relationship goals, his passion etc. He should always be clear about his life in future and how is he going to fit you in his life. Nobody would like to date a guy who is too busy in his x-box or football etc. A recent research showed that a man who has no idea about his ambitions will never commit to you honestly. Do not blindly assume that he will work out things by himself . These five are the most important character traits (apart from looks, status etc) a guy should have before you fall for him. Do not compromise any of these because these issues seem to be minor at first, but later on these are the major reasons why people distant themselves from each other.

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